With extensive experience in India chemical industry, exporting chemicals like Hydrochloride Acid, Liquid Chlorine to various worldwide clients.

About Us

Ubique International is an international market player in the distribution of a wide range of chemicals to different parts of the world. Micro Group, our flagship company was established in 2005 and expanded the business into various manufacturing and turnkey projects. Ubique International was founded in 2016 as an exporter, trader and supplier of a wide variety of chemicals such as Liquid Chlorine, Liquid Chlorine Gas, Sulphuric Acid, Poly Aluminium Chloride, Caustic Soda Lye, Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrogen Gas, and others. We have a versatile portfolio of all water treatment products and offer our customers one-stop solution for industrial chemicals.

With a qualified team of professionals and a robust business model, we have been consistently working towards creating value to customers business by providing them with a diverse range of products such as Liquid Chlorine, Liquid Chlorine Gas, etc with 100% quality assurance. We have a strong distribution network with proper inventory management that ensures proper delivery of products within schedule time delivery and accuracy. We emphasize on building good human resources and develop the skill sets of our valuable asset through in-house and external training programmes. We are also associated with many reputed companies as our trading partners and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with them.

Objective Of Micro Group

Keeping our clients satisfied ought to be an essential goal of our association. Our objective is to keep up smooth and continuous supply of items by keeping adequate inventories and stocks, to guarantee item accessibility in all business sectors. To streamline usage of existing framework and work at introduced limits so as to amplify production and upgrade productivity. To unite and manage development by building up an appropriate structure, accepting checking frameworks for cost adequacy and practicing control at all levels for successful working.

Mission & Philosophy

  • To accomplish worldwide norms of excellence in assembling and trading different scope of items and machine in domestic and global markets, administering to consumer loyalty. 
  • Our corporate philosophy aims at proficient administration and inspires it to adopt the most recent advancements and systems for product proficiency. 
  • We have well-ordered diversification of products and activities and began to global trading of different chemicals i.e Liquid Chlorine, Liquid Chlorine Gas, Industrial Salt, Caustic Soda, Plasticizer Product, HCL and different chemicals item.

The Obligations

  • To guarantee development projections are coordinated by execution to assemble certainty and goodwill. To ensure a sensible yearly sale commensurate with organizations execution, benefits and tentative arrangements for investment. 
  • To give quality items and spread awareness among them for focused offering in a purchasers market supported by world class client benefit. 
  • To create and redesign their abilities through in-house and outer preparing programs empowering vocation development. The contributions for redesigning administrative aptitudes are given continually to meet present and future requirements.
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