Industrial Chemicals
In our industrial chemicals section, we currently have in store Hydrochloride Acid for industrial applications. It is a useful chemical that can be used in many ways in different industrial sectors. 
Aluminium Sulphate
If you are looking for industrial salts for water treatment and purification, then buy Aluminium Sulphate. Other than water treatment, it can be used in paper, garment industries. It can also be used at homes in gardening. 
Industrial Gases
Our company supplies industrial gases, like Anhydrous Ammonia, oxygen, nitrogen, CNG, carbon dioxide, argon, etc., in cylinders. Almost all industrial sectors demand gases, from water, pharmaceutical, oil & gas to metal. 
Textile Chemicals
If you want to buy textile chemicals, like caustic soda flakes, then you have landed up at right page. It is required in the process of cotton processing and dying polyester, nylon and many other synthetic fibres. 
Liquid Chlorine
Liquid chloride is a chemical that can disinfect water. It is widely used in wastewater treatment, paper, textile, plastic and other industries. Our company supplies the solutions packaged in drums.  

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